For the movie Iron Man 2 (2010), Tony Stark went to Monaco to watch his race team compete in the Historic Grand Prix there.  Unfortunately he was dying from being poisoned by the arc reactor in his chest.  So on a spur of the moment he decided to swap the driver of his car out for himself.  It was this time that the villain of the movie Ivan Vanko decides to strike and all chaos breaks loose.

IMG_2336In reality very little of the racing scenes were done in Monaco.  Most of them were re-created at Downey Studios in California.  The main location that assembled the Space Shuttles.  They had a few original cars on loan from the Historic Grand Prix Association, but many were fiberglass molds taken off an earlier 70′s Formula One car.  Only two were running, driving cars though with Chevrolet Small Block engines.  Two brand new Rolls-Royce Phantoms were destroyed for the scene where the villain uses his energy whips to cut the car up. Many scenes are done with model cars on a model track.

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